• principal source / target languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Slovak
  • preferably source / possible target languages: French, Norwegian (bokmål)
  • occasional source languages: German, Catalan, Danish, Norwegian (nynorsk), Swedish
  • other language possibilities and requirements: I know a lot of other translators, just call me and we will always do our best to find a solution

Types of translated technical projects

  • technical articles and papers
  • inputs / outputs of technical events (seminars, conferences, lectures, illustrated presentations)
  • technical dossiers & reports, marketing offers, catalogues, technical drawings, technical sheets, operator manuals & instructions for use, labels, safety data sheets, technical standards, etc.
  • general legal acts (laws, decrees, legislation by EU & international organisations) for both legal and general purposes
  • contracts, personal documents, notarial minutes, accountancy reports, insurance cases, report cards, diplomas and other personal documents for legal and general purposes
  • individual legal acts, personal documents

My hitherto practical & translation expertise

  • agriculture, food industries, forestry, water management, hydrology, chemistry, environmental sciences, general biology, wastes, petrochemistry
  • metallurgy, metal processing & finishing, automotive industry, general machinery, electrical engineering, civil engineering & constructions, spatial planning & zoning, transport, energy industry, dangerous goods transport (ADR), medical equipment
  • management, banking, history, diplomacy

Informative translation

    An informative translation is considered to mean a brief information about the content of the submitted document with picking out and outlining its most important points and passages parts thereof.

Translator software literacy & use (CAT tools)

Currently, I use Trados 2007 and Wordfast applications. However, under certain circumstances I do not exclude my willingness to use other CAT tools in the future.

Documents edition

  • graphical layout within the capacities inherent to MS Office 2007 applications
  • if the case may be, when agreed upon and when feasible then also in other formats
  • scanning


  • one-sided / two-sided, laser or ink-jet printed black & white hardcopies
  • one-sided / two-sided, laser printed colour hardcopies (as agreed & extra charged)
  • one-sided / two-sided, ink-jet colour printed hardcopies
  • MS Office formats on CD/DVD and other media, when agreed also in other formats
  • Internet pages (HTML)
  • sent by electronic mail or through other Internet tools
  • sent by post / couriers
  • when agreed upon, also book binding outputs are possible

Basic delivery deadlines

    The wording of Act No. 382/2004 allows me to include the days of receiving the order for translation and that of handing over the completed translation s handover into the delivery period. However, I strive to make my best to accomodate my clients as much as possible, I use this possibility only to a limited extent. Despite of this, sometimes the circumstances use to compel me to charge additional extra to my clients for urgent translation. When not agreed otherwise and if possible, my basic delivery deadlines are as follows:

    • within 2 hours - 1 SP
    • within 4 hours - 2 SP
    • witin 12 hours - 6 SP
    • witin 24 hours - 10 SP

    The delivery perios begins from the recept of a binding order ans the delivery of the text to be translated.

    I do my best to deliver common personal document translations intended for legal purposes on the same day of their delivery by the client.